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the musical confluence of two remarkably talented San Francisco Bay Area musicians
                               (who just happen to be brother & sister): R&B vocalist ZoŽ Ellis and jazz saxophonist Dave Ellis.

Despite their different paths in music, Dave and ZoŽ Ellis share much: great joy in music, an affinity for a funky beat and, above all, a compelling soulfulness. Both say that music is a spiritual necessity for them. And both are wonderfully engaging entertainers, entrancing their audiences with grace and humor. Read what our fans have to say about ZADELL...

"As Dave blew with abandon, ZoŽ joined in wordlessly, leaping registers with ease and landing on pitch each time - achieving a rarefied form of musical interaction in which common blood is surely a major factor."

     -- Lee Hildebrand (SF Guardian)

  What's New: Dave & ZoŽ

The time is right for a renewed collaboration by these two talented musicians. Dave is preparing his fourth album as leader, once again moving in new directions. ZoŽís latest venture with Keith Terryís a capella/improvisational group, Slammin', encouraged her to explore a more jazzy approach to song. Read more about Dave & ZoŽ...

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